Joseph Keum

Master Photographer & Founder

Truly right brained and left brained, Joe Keum’s passion for wedding photography is fueled by the pursuit of a unicorn – a ‘perfect image’ for his clients. A blend of technical acumen, poignant emotion, and unexpected storytelling lie at the heart of this elusive image for Joe.

After pursuing that perfect photo in a number of different disciplines, he eventually fell in love with wedding photography. “It’s weddings that have the emotions,” Joe said. “I really love the moments that bring tears to your eyes, especially for the families that know the stories behind them.”

“I’m passionate about capturing the moments that takes your breath away and creating a photographic art images.”

One couple’s story in particular shaped his deep love of capturing moments. The groom-to-be was a semi-pro cyclist and his fiancé loved cycling with him. They were legally married on Mt. Evans and hired Studio JK to document their big wedding celebration with family and friends.  They were so incredibly happy to be married.  All was going according to plan, until one day, Joe received a phone call. The groom was in a terrible accident, and in the end, there was a funeral on the couple’s wedding day. It was devastating. “I’ll never forget the look on her face at the memorial,” Joe said. “It was the look of someone in so much grief, she was beyond feeling.”

Eight years later, she called Joe and Joyce again, ecstatic. She was engaged. “He made her so happy,” Joe said. On her wedding day, she showed Joe a tattoo on her shoulder of a butterfly. “What does it mean?” he asked. “It’s for my husband,” she said. Joe knew he had to create a photo that incorporated that butterfly. “I had a vision of the couple on a bridge. I found one with Spanish moss hanging from the trees, and used my infrared camera.” Though not every viewer of the photograph would understand the story immediately, it was incredibly meaningful to the bride.

These are the kinds of moments Joe is passionate about capturing on his clients’ wedding day: beautiful, timeless images that hold a deep meaning to the couple and their family members.